Clock strikes midnight; 

September 28th 2017   Today will be our last post with WordPress. We decided that it was time to move on from this blog. I know we didn't post as much as we could've of or haven't had enough time to make it the best it could have been. It helped us both more than... Continue Reading →

Im sorry for that part III 

By: Sunflower 🌻 You know what I'm not sorry for that.. you had me saying sorry for speaking my mind, being myself, and doing the things I believe in, And I'm not sorry about that. I'm not sorry we don't see each other, I'm not sorry we don't talk anymore. I felt so much in... Continue Reading →

Follow me ;

Follow me to this field where dreams never end; Follow me to a place where the kisses never end; Follow me to the light where the darkness ends; Follow me into my heart where the love never ends; mc


2016. It wasn't really the best year for her but,  it wasn't really the worst.  Her friends, they helped a lot this year.  She let go of old ones; She made a few new ones; She met the love of her life; She let in more love; But at the same time she was kind... Continue Reading →

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